Semen for Sale

A phenotypic favorite of visitors to ORIgen, this powerful young sire that ranks among the top 1% for $Beef value index and Scrotal Circumference EPD as of this writing, offers elite Weaning Weight, Yearling Weight EPD and hot Carcass Weight EPD data and along with his sensational Marbling score EPD and Rib Eye area measure EPD, this combines to make him a top 4% or better sire for all the bio-economic indexes of $Weaned calf value index, $Feedlot value index, $Grid value index and $Beef value index.

Produced by a dam whose first three natural calves recorded an average weaning ratio of 108, his grandam has five calves with an average weaning ratio of 113 and Southern Charm descends from a line of females with quality udder structure and a high level of fertility that have a slick hair coat, good feet, ease of fleshing, fescue tolerance and the females that produced him are very efficient cattle.

As his Scrotal Circumference EPD predicts, Southern Charm collects and freezes extremely well and produces high quality semen that has yielded a far above average conception rate, and his sons have semen checked very well at 12 to 14 months.