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On Saturday February 22, 2020 the Annual Arkansas Angus Association Meeting and Awards Banquet was held at Eat My Catfish in Conway.  Will Harsh with the American Angus Association was on hand to give updates for the industry.  President Sam Haley presented Will with the Arkansas Traveler Award and welcomed Will to Arkansas and the Assocation. Stephen Mahan was presented the Presidents Special Appreciation Award for hosting the 2019 Arkansas Angus Field Day at Mahan Angus.  President Distinguished Service Awards were presented to Dr. Steve and Marsha Copeland and to Angie Sutherland.  The Top Sellers from the 2019 Sharing The Success Sale were also recognized.  Top Bull Consignor:  Sulphur Valley Angus Ranch.  Top Pair  and Top Female:  Hunt Angus.    Was a great night of fellowship, good food and some nice door prized form the AAA.

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