Key Events‚Äč

Just a  reminder the 2020 Sharing the Success Sale is set for the second  Saturday December.  It is never to early to start evaluating your herd for this years offering.  We had a nice offering in 2019 and want to match or exceed the expectations for 2020.

If anyone is interested in hosting the 2021 Arkansas Angus Field Day contact Sam Haley via email at or 501-590-1180. 


There is no field day scheduled for 2020, however the Junior Angus Association did have a Field Day planned.  Hopefully they will be able to continue those plans at a later date.

At the Arkansas Angus Associations Annual Meeting and Awards Banquet held in February President Sam Haley presented our new American Angus Association Regional Manager, Mr. Will Harsh with the Arkansas Traveler Award.  The Northeast Arkansas Angus Association volunteered to have the certificate framed and matted.  Together at the Spring NEAAA Sale held in March, President Haley along with NEAAA Vice President Dickie Smith presented the finished product to "Traveler"  Will  Harsh.

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