Key Events

The 2021 Sharing The Success Sale is set for the 2nd Saturday in December.  This year that falls on December 11th just around the corner.  Be sure to evaluate your herd to bring the best you have to offer.  The 2020 Sharing The Success Sale was our best offering to date so lets continue to bring quality Angus and make the 2021 sale the best yet.

If you have any questions reach out to sale chair Tyler Copeland or Sam Haley, President of the Arkansas Angus Assocation.

2021 Field Day and Annual Meeting 

Join us Saturday May 15th at the Cleburne County Fairgrounds in beautiful Heber Springs for the 2021 Arkansas Angus Field Day and Annual Meeting.  The Arkansas Junior Angus will also be having a preview show.  Speakers include representatives from the American Angus Association and the Arkansas Cattlemen's Association.  Please RSVP by May 8th to Maybelle at so we have an idea on how many Angus lunches to have ready. Click the PDF link to view schedule of events.

Greetings Arkansas Angus Enthusiasts,


Sunshine, rain and warmer temperature are here and they are welcome! After 2020 and then heading into a 2021 Polar Vortex in February, it makes a person think twice about Bill Gates synthetic meat! That was a joke but really, it's all kind of frightful? I mean they are going to try and do away with cattle as a protein food source! They are going to try and tell each of us what to do and when to do it? I say these things to remind each of you that we're stronger together as a group in the Angus cattle industry. We may not all agree on the politics of our life or our government but we sure better support each other or there won't be anybody to support anybody. Looking at the Angus cattle market in 2020 we were fortunate in that the Arkansas Angus and Northeast Arkansas Angus Sales were strong and as we head into 2021 the sales are looking even better. 


Looking Better also means support for the 2021 Arkansas Angus Field Day which will include our Arkansas Junior Preview Show as the Juniors get ready for their National Junior Angus show in Nebraska. It will be at the Cleburne County Fairgrounds in Heber Springs on Saturday May 15th. Please mark your calendars NOW as we need you! We'll have our annual meeting, an educational presentation from the American Angus Association in the morning, then we'll have an ANGUS LUNCH and the Junior show in the afternoon. It'll be a great fun filled day for the whole family!


I want to also introduce our new Secretary-Treasurer, Maybelle Castera from Romance. She and her husband Mark have five sons and two grandkids. They started working on their registered angus heard in 2017 and they are excited about Angus! The Castera state that," The cattle herd is going to be our retirement plan, not sure if this will be an easy road but a more relaxing one!" We are excited to have them on board to help build Angus in Arkansas! A special thank you goes out to Clayton and Kristin Whittmore as Interim Secretary-Treasurer. We appreciate your help!


If you haven't gotten your dues into the Arkansas Angus Association for 2021, please find an application for membership with this letter or an application on the web site. Maybelle's address is on the application and there is a tear off receipt for your records. Mark those calendars for May 15th and remember Certified Angus is Best!


Keeping checking the association website for all the details at



Sam Haley

President, AR Angus Association

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The 2020 "SHARING THE SUCCESS" sale was held Saturday December 12th at the I-40 Livestock Auction in Ozark, AR.   Cattle are truly getting better every year and had something for everyone.  Something new this year in addition to live and phone bids we were able to offer online bidding through and had several take advantage of this as we are in trying times of social distancing. Already making plans for next year.



At the Arkansas Angus Associations Annual Meeting and Awards Banquet held in February President Sam Haley presented our new American Angus Association Regional Manager, Mr. Will Harsh with the Arkansas Traveler Award.  The Northeast Arkansas Angus Association volunteered to have the certificate framed and matted.  Together at the Spring NEAAA Sale held in March, President Haley along with NEAAA Vice President Dickie Smith presented the finished product to "Traveler"  Will  Harsh.